Обложка книги My Punished Mind: A Memoir of Psychosis

My Punished Mind: A Memoir of Psychosis

ISBN: 059530494X;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 102

Book DescriptionI am a mental health consumer. This is my memoir about my (past) experiences of being psychotic; having been diagnosed Schizo-affective, in April of 2001. It is a very vivid description of what I went through for several weeks being psychotic, before I was finally hospitalized. I struggled with a relapse, but I was stabilized and eventually got my life back together. I believe there are not enough books out there that are first hand accounts of psychosis. I think my book helps alleviate a lot of the stigma and misunderstandings of mental illness. And I also believe that I am fortunate to have recovered enough, along with my medications, to be able to write about it.