Обложка книги Nine Deadly Venoms

Nine Deadly Venoms

ISBN: 0954649605;
Издательство: Ebuilders Ltd
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionPart autobiographical, part self help, this brilliantly told metaphysical adventure regales the author's encounters with Lilith, a Matriarchal Age warrior priestess. It is Lilith who reveals the Nine Deadly Venoms. 'Conquer them and you live forever, but beware!' She said with a wicked leer, 'each one is indeed a venom, the worst kind of poison and is very, very deadly" Nine Deadly Venoms will enlighten, inspire and entertain. Light bulbs will flick on in your head as you realise why youhave experienced the life you have. More importantly you will discover that you can take control of your life and that you can have a happier, more fulfilled life once you have conquered the nine deadly venoms of karma, parental genetics, childhood conditioning, fear, language, gravity, time, tribalistic conditioning and human breath. According to the author, mastery of these will help you to live a longer, more rewarding and fulfilling life in the 21st century.