Обложка книги One Day My Sister Disappeared : A Memoir

One Day My Sister Disappeared : A Memoir

ISBN: 0375508023;
Издательство: Random House
Страниц: 128

Book Description “No one will ever be like you. Who could be like a sister?” One Day My Sister Disappeared is Christine Orban’s deeply affecting meditation on family, grief, and identity. In spare and tender prose, Orban reflects on the death of her younger sister, Maco, and her presence, which endures. The story begins in Morocco, where Christine and Maco spend an idyllic childhood riding horses and collecting seashells. The bond between them is profound, and yet the sisters are quite different from each other. While Christine, who is bookish, goes off to university in Paris to immerse herself in a world of ideas, Maco remains at home, eventually falling in love with a wealthy Muslim, whom she marries. Butsoon Maco’s life crumbles under the strain of her husband’s infidelities, and the two divorce. When a Moroccan law separates Maco from her children, she turns to her beloved sister for solace and support. Unfortunately,...