Обложка книги Paul Bowles, Magic and Morocco

Paul Bowles, Magic and Morocco

ISBN: 0932274617;
Издательство: Cadmus Editions
Страниц: 174

Book DescriptionPaul Bowles (1910-1999) was one of the most paradoxical literary talents of his century, a sophisticated New York writer and composer who lived a half-century in Morocco, a man who fled the western world that acclaimed him. Paul Bowles, Magic and Morocco is an extended homage, a memoir of a friendship, and an examination of more than a half-century's influence of North African magic on Bowles's sensibilities and fictions. Allen Hibbard, a scholar and close friend, situates Bowles with others like Conrad and Lawrence who lived a split existence, literally and metaphorically, divided between the modern and the primitive. With an extensive knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa, Hibbard weaves literary analysis and personal insight, thereby yielding a unique understanding of the effects of Moroccan culture upon Bowles's sensibility.

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