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Zosia Goldberg

Running Through Fire : How I Survived the Holocaust (NEA Heritage & Preservation Series)

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ISBN: 1562791281
Издательство: Mercury House
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 208
Book Description A fellow Jew within the Warsaw Ghetto, offended by Zosia Goldberg's unaccented Polish, spat at her in Yiddish: "May you die amongst the goyem!" Zosia took this "curse" as a message from God. It sparked her escape from the Ghetto, convincing her that only by posing as a Gentile could she survive. And Zosia did not die amongst the goyem-but nearly. She was a " debrouillarde ": she ran through fire without getting burned. Her story features resistance at every turn, narrow escapes, and help from the most unlikely sources. At times suffering bitter betrayals by fellow Jews, she also encountered unexpected sympathies from some Nazis themselves. Zosia's story is as much a chronicle of the Holocaust as it is everywoman's struggle against human folly and depravity. " Running Through Fire is a book filled with unspeakable horrors-but it is told without a shred of self-pity. Zosia Goldberg never complains, never bemoans her lot. She battles and endures,...