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John Vigor

Small Boat to Freedom : A Journey of Conscience to a New Life in America

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ISBN: 1592282261
Издательство: The Lyons Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 288
Book Description Small Boat to Freedom is the moving and inspiring story of one man's decision to leave the country he loved because of a political situation he abhorred. John Vigor had it all, a loving family, a secure and well-deserved reputation as a syndicated South African newspaper columnist, and a lovely home in one of South Africa's most beautiful cities, Durban. But an apartheid-regime clampdown on freedom of expression forced Vigor to the wrenching decision to leave his idyllic life-and financial security-and leave South Africa on a 31-foot sloop with his wife and seventeen-year-old son for a precarious voyage to a new but uncertain life in America. At age fifty, Vigor had been a journalist for eighteen years, working for anti-apartheid newspapers, raising a family of three sons with his wife, June, also a journalist. But in 1987 the South African government and its once-untouchable apartheid policy was crumbling. In an attempt to clamp down on dissident opinion, the...