Обложка книги Telling Lives: Women's Self-Writing in Modern Japan

Telling Lives: Women's Self-Writing in Modern Japan

ISBN: 0824828348;
Издательство: University of Hawaii Press
Страниц: 310

Book DescriptionIn this fascinating collection of translations, Telling Lives looks at the self-writing of five Japanese women who came of age during the decades leading up to World War II. As feminists, activists, and writers, they not only have much of interest to say about their own experiences, but also reveal how historical subjects choose to probe, interpret, and re-present their lives for the printed page. Through their writings, these women managed successfully to assert their subjectivityand announce their agency by establishing a new narrative voice. Following an introduction that situates women's self-writing against the backdrop of Japan during the 1920s and 1930s, Loftus takes up the autobiographies of Oku Mumeo, a leader of theprewar women's movement, and Takai Toshio, a textile worker who later became a well-known labor activist. Next is the moving story of Nishi Kyoko, whose Reminiscences tells of her life as a young woman who escapes the oppression...