Обложка книги The Barbed Wire: Pow In The U.s.a.

The Barbed Wire: Pow In The U.s.a.

ISBN: 1577363272;
Издательство: Hillsboro Press
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionA young soldier captured during World War II is sent to a prisoner of war camp in a small town, where he stays until the German surrender. Not an unfamiliar story. . . except the soldier is German, and the POW camp is in Crossville, Tennessee. In his powerful true story, Gerhard Hennes shares his adventures as a POW in the United States and openly reveals the personal hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows of a young man growing disillusioned with Hitler's Germany. Rich with tales of escape, interrogation by high ranking Allied officers, travel on the Queen Mary (converted for troop transport), and day-to-day life as a prisoner of war, The Barbed Wire is both a first-hand account of this near-forgotten chapter in U.S. history and the memoir of a German family surviving during World War II.