Обложка книги The Way I Remember It

The Way I Remember It

ISBN: 1413724469;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 410

Book DescriptionLong ago, I went off to war in Vietnam. First, I had to fall under the thrall of a few foolish ideas and illusions. Then I had to fight like hell to retain my sanity, and self respect... and manage to survive...When it was over, I had to go home. Everything had changed but looked the same.This is the story of how it happened to and for me. I?ve been asked a lot of questions over the years, seen movies, and read books. None of them really captured what I thought was a genuine feel forthe whole mess. So I thought I?d give it a try.It?s the best I can do with my memory and my ability. For better or worse, the whole experience taught me to think... really think. Thinking with limitations or boundaries is a form of lying. I hope it doesn?t put you to sleep.