Обложка книги Torn From The Inside Out

Torn From The Inside Out

ISBN: 1411604741;
Издательство: Lulu Press
Страниц: 364

Book DescriptionTorn From the Inside Out is a literary narrative domestic violence memoir; powerful literary symbolisms and metaphors, well developed characterizations and powerful emotional impact.Torn is the story of Sara Niles. Given away to heraged and wise Uncle Robert and Aunt Molly at age 3 ?, Sara spent ten years on the ?flower bed of Eden? being lavished with love and attention until death took its toll and Sara married an abusive man named Thomas Niles when she was only 16. Niles invites us to enter into her lifelong odyssey by the words: 'Let the journey begin', and so it does as the reader enters into a formerly forbidden zone. The story of Sara Niles is more than a story of one woman's journey into pain, it resounds with the voices of the many veterans of domestic war. Torn From the Inside Out celebrates a power greater than death itself, the power of the human spirit under fire.