Обложка книги Twitch and Shout: A Touretter's Tale

Twitch and Shout: A Touretter's Tale

ISBN: 0816644519;
Издательство: University of Minnesota Press
Страниц: 226

Amazon.comTourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by tics, physical jerks, and random shouts and noises that can include profanity and racial epithets. It's become relatively well known through the writings of neurologist Oliver Sacks (whose bestselling book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat includes several case studies of Touretters--as he dubbed them), and through the 1995 documentary Twitch and Shout , a film coauthored by Lowell Handler and Laurel Chiten, both of whom have the disorder. Now Handler has written a book with the same name, an attempt to chronicle the disease from the inside, to explore the strange life and symptoms of a person who has discovered, as he puts it, that "the mind has a mind of itsown." His personal odyssey includes many digressions into how the disorder has shaped the course of his relationships with his family, his career as a photojournalist, and his sense of purpose and belonging in society. He meets with...