Обложка книги Where Animals Help People : Surviving Suicidal Depression

Where Animals Help People : Surviving Suicidal Depression


ISBN: 0595319718;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 194

Book DescriptionJames Marshall was a typical farm boy with a passion for animals. Going on to Cornell to become a Veterinarian was a dream that came true. Life was great, newly married, the starting of a family, and the building of his own practice. What more could he want? Depressive illness and suicide attempts were not imaginable during the first forty-three years of life. But now the cycle of his life would be complete. He planned to end his life in the very room that he was born in fifty-two years earlier, a victim of depression. Miraculously he survived a near-fatal gunshot, and finally overcame the depressive illness that clouded his life for twenty-three years. After finding a cure and renewed energy, Dr. Marshall created the Jim Marshall Farms Foundation, Inc., a place of refuge where those suffering can get away from their troubles and be free. Everyone is greeted with a friendly smile, and the unconditional love that animals provide....