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Rae E. K. Caplan

Where In The World Am I?

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ISBN: 1411604482
Издательство: Lulu Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 232
Book DescriptionHer story tells of her journey to find a purpose to carry on alone; to begin a new life at age fifty-nine. She didn't realize how sheltered she'd been until she entered the business world for the first time. Sometimes bold, often frustrated, always coping with aloneness, she pushed herself to find the right path to be able to find joy again in being alive. Sailing on San Francisco Bay with a group of single people became a major turning point as it opened up opportunities she had never dreamed she could have. In her late sixties as a solo traveler she experienced adventures by sea and by land and began to look ahead with a self-confidence she had previously lacked.