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Boris B. Gorshkov

A Life Under Russian Serfdom: The Memoirs of Savva Dmitrievich Purlevskii, 1800-68

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ISBN: 9637326154
Издательство: Central European University Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 119
Book DescriptionThis is a translation of one of the very few Russian serfs' memoirs. Savva Purlevskii recollects his life in Russian serfdom and the lives of his grandparents, parents, and fellow villagers. He describes family communal life and the serfs' daily interaction with landlords and authorities. Purlevskii came from an initially prosperous family that later became impoverished. Early in his childhood, he lost his father. Purlevskii did not have a chance to gain a formal education. He lived underserfdom until 1831 when at the age of 30, he escaped his servitude.