Обложка книги Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger

ISBN: 159240152X;
Издательство: Gotham
Страниц: 304

Book Description Hope Donahue seemed to have it all: beauty, wealth, social status. She was an only child who grew up with the best private schools, debutante balls, and a home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles?s old-money enclave. But beneath the family?s facade of "keeping up appearances," Hope hid a host of ugly truths, including a mother increasingly jealous of her daughter?s good looks, an uncle?s sexual advances, and a father who cowed to the demands of his wife and coollyreserved parents. Hope became addicted to a quest for physical perfection in place of her self-esteem?and by the age of twenty-seven she had undergone seven plastic surgeries. In riveting, unflinching prose, Hope recounts her downward spiral that alienated her family and friends, and led her to theft, bankruptcy, and a sadistic relationship before she began her recovery. A powerful response to a culture obsessed with extreme makeovers and risky procedures that promise...