Обложка книги Dancing With My Father

Dancing With My Father

ISBN: 1578067227;
Издательство: University Press of Mississippi
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionLeif Anderson's "Dancing with My Father" is both a loving tribute to her unusual and famous father, Mississippi artist Walter Anderson, and an honest look at the effects he has had upon her personal life and her artistry. Due to Walter Anderson's erratic behavior and recurring absences, Leif Anderson experienced a difficult childhood. Never comfortable with home and fatherhood, Walter Anderson often affected family life as an alien and fearful force. Through the lyrical vignettes she writes, Leif Anderson gradually comes to accept and, in the end, to cherish the artist's intense presence and his influence on her dance and her performance art. The slices of life in "Dancing with My Father" describe encounters both awkward and endearing, express a daughter's frustrated longing for a father's attention, and give insight into Walter Anderson's struggles. Leif Anderson reveals how her burdens?the urge to abandon the "normal" world and the tug of familial...

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