Обложка книги La Tierra Natal

La Tierra Natal


ISBN: 9871136366;
Издательство: Stockcero
Страниц: 88

Book DescriptionLa tierra natal is a journey into the past, and also a farewell. Since 1831, when forced to follow her father into exile in Bolivia, Juana Manuela Gorriti had not returned to Salta; though there are some opinions about the stealth trip disguised in man?s clothes, depicted in her short story "Gubi Amaya", being somewhat autobiographic. A trip from Buenos Aires up to the country?s North in 1878 becomes frustrated at Tucuman. And it is just in 1886, fifty five years after her departure, that she can return to Salta. Just twenty days, to walk her memories, talk with with the descendants of her own people, and be welcomed as a notable personality, a living legend, as she shyly and painfully acknowledges . The book contains a complex travel narrative: a return to the birthplace and also to the past; but above all, to the interior of memories, to the comparison of the real to-day with what the memory, filled with the want of permanence, has...