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Leaving the Saints : How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith

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ISBN: 0739317806
Издательство: RH Audio
Год издания: 2005
Amazon.com When graduate student Martha Beck?s son Adam was born with Down syndrome, she and her husband left the chilly halls of Harvard for Utah and the warm, accepting embrace of the Mormon community. Determined to assimilate back into her childhood faith after years of atheism, Beck?s disenchantment resurfaced when censorship from the church heavily influenced the curriculum at Brigham Young University where she taught part-time. More disturbing was Beck?s eventual belief that her father, a virtual celebrity in the Mormon Church, had sexually molested her as a child. Beck frames her narrative around a conversation with her aged father, dipping in and out of stories of her childhood, marriage, third pregnancy, and teaching. Shecontrasts her perceptions of the leadership of the institutional church as controlling and patriarchal with stories of the warmth and generosity of her Mormon community. Beck unfolds her search for identity, forgiveness, and a personal...