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Nicole Solignac O'Connor

Mektoub: A Young Woman's War Journal

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ISBN: 0972551816
Издательство: Neurofame Operations
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 180
Book DescriptionFrom her childhood home in Tunisia, 19-year-old Nicole moved to Algeria to attend the university. On the night of her arrival, watching from her apartment balcony, she witnessed the surprise Allied air and sea attack on the city of Algiers in November 1942. Compelled to join the war effort, Nicole enlisted in the French Army, which shipped the young lieutenant to Italy, where battles raged and tragedy struck. Nicole then took part in the Allied landing on the French Riviera. Working as a translator and interpreter between French and American personnel, she helped the Allied armies liberate Europe from Axis occupation. As the war ended, Nicole married an American officer, then sailed to the United States as a "war bride" in 1946.