Обложка книги My China Eye: Memoirs of a Jew and a Journalist

My China Eye: Memoirs of a Jew and a Journalist

ISBN: 1592650422;
Издательство: Long River Press
Страниц: 360

My China Eye is the long-awaited memoir by Israel Epstein (1915-2005), one of the last of the Old China Hands and one of the very few Western journalists to experience the Chinese Communist Revolution from its earliest days to the highestlevels of power. Born in Poland and raised in China, Epstein?s writings from the front lines of the Chinese War of Resistance and Communist-Nationalist struggle have influenced?and infuriated?U.S. policy, which sought to "roll back" the Chinese Revolution in the Cold War era. Epstein took Chinese citizenship, only to be imprisoned by the Red Guards as social order collapsed during the Cultural Revolution. During this dark period, Epstein found his ideals challenged in ways he never imagined, yet his lifelong struggle for social equality has never wavered. This powerful memoir resonates with some of the Twentieth century?s most turbulent social movements.