Обложка книги My Life at the Bar And Beyond (Footprints)

My Life at the Bar And Beyond (Footprints)

ISBN: 0773529888;
Издательство: McGill-Queen's University Press
Страниц: 196

Book DescriptionA litigation lawyer for fifty years, Paterson describes some of his earlier cases, including those involving alleged brainwashing experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute funded by the CIA. He offers behind-the-scenes views of the fight against Bill 101, campaigning for the No Committee in the 1980 Quebec referendum, and the stand-off at Oka between Mohawks and the provincial police. Paterson also charts his involvement in establishing the McGill University Health Centre and the plans for a new major teaching hospital as well as directing the development and expansion of Bishop's University during his time as president and chancellor. Paterson is a polished raconteur and his revealing memoir includes tantalizing anecdotes.