Обложка книги Notes of a Nobody

Notes of a Nobody

ISBN: 0976778920;
Издательство: Hudson Books
Страниц: 225

Book Description40 YEARS OF REJECTION NOTICES -- THEN HE BECAME A SUCCESSFUL "NOBODY"! Imagine spending more than four decades of your life trying to achieve your dream...knowing you had the talent...but never making it, just because you were born on thewrong side of the tracks. In "Notes of a Nobody," author Cary Hendrix Jr. retraces his lifelong struggle to become that rarest of artists -- a famous syndicated black cartoonist -- and comes away a better man for having never succeeded. In this wiseand knowing book, Mr. Hendrix takes the reader along on his futile search for celebrity -- a journey of discovery that culminates in his acceptance as a "nobody." Blending epigrams -- witty and often paradoxical sayings-with a generous helping of his finest cartoons, the book provides a blueprint for happy living for millions of everyday people. It's a work that's not too serious, never too silly, and is the perfect volume for every "nobody" who's ever been content to not stand out in...