Обложка книги Over There: From The Bronx to Baghdad

Over There: From The Bronx to Baghdad

ISBN: 1582433275;
Издательство: Counterpoint Press
Страниц: 283

"It is safe to write accurately only about the nuts and the bums." -Joseph Mitchell Entering the Hotel Intercontinental in Amman, Jordan, is like entering an African safari lodge. You're just as likely to get into an argument over double-parking in the heart of Baghdad as you are on the streets of middle America. Seven hundred dollars in "assurances" might get you a room without a desk, bed, sink, toilet, carpet, lights, or even running water. And if you can't get a good quote throughfriendly conversation, swilling beer and trading insults generally helps. These lessons, among others, are known to every seasoned correspondent. It takes an amateur, however, to take it all in-and truly appreciate how news stories get out from the war zone and onto the front page of The New York Times . In the spring of 2003, metro desk reporter Alan Feuer was sent to the Middle East to cover the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He was not alone: not only were forty correspondents from the Times...

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