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J. Fox Garrison

P.S. Julia: Missing a Piece of Your Mind Can Be Puzzling

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ISBN: 0976491907
Издательство: Pinhead Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 333
Book DescriptionIf a doctor said you were going to die, would you look him straight in the eye and deadpan, "Oh, and you?re not?" Would you throw a party to pay homage to your hemorrhage? Ever thought about needing two hands to give the finger? Is half a brain truly better than none? This was all part of Julia?s world in the aftermath of what came to be known within her close circle of friends as "the incident." P.S. Julia is a true story of a young woman?s fight for her life and her dignity as she struggles to overcome the debilitating effects of a massive brain hemorrhage and stroke. She battles an entrenched medical community with wit and grit, challenging some of them to think beyond their medical textbooks. P.S. Julia effortlessly takes you on a roller coaster ride of drama, humor, sadness, frustration, resolve, and, ultimately, triumph. A must read for anyone in need of a little inspiration or an attitude adjustment. Who inhabits Julia?s...