Обложка книги Recovering From Mortality: Essays From A Cancer Limbo Time

Recovering From Mortality: Essays From A Cancer Limbo Time

ISBN: 0976096331;
Издательство: Novello Festival Press
Страниц: 116

Book DescriptionAt the time that Deborah Cumming wrote Recovering from Mortality , she was living in a situation not widely recognized but shared by many people. She knew that she might die soon, yet she was not dying now. What is a person to thinkin this limbo time? How is a person to act? Rather than accept formulaic answers to these questions, she decided to discover her own path. She didn't want to pass on her answers to others; she didn't believe she knew universal answers. Nor wasshe interested in adding another story of a cancer patient who survived heroically or died movingly. She did want to commune with others in limbo, with people who might find it a lonely or mysterious condition. And she felt increasingly that she was talking about the human condition in general, for whether we acknowledge it or not, all our lives will end in the not-very-distant future. She felt she wanted to be in communication, not just with the dying, but with the living. This...