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Mark Prater

Silent Storm: Finding Spiritual Shelter During Hepatitis C

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ISBN: 1563099004
Издательство: New Hope Publishers (AL)
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 158
Book DescriptionMark Prater faced a silent killer in Hepatitis C, an insidious disease that slowly consumed his health until he fought back with all the weapons of modern medicine. The struggle to regain his vitality proved as harsh as the disease itself, and, in Mark?s own words, seemed a burden nearly too heavy to bear. Mark?s story focuses not just on his illness, but on his faith, which in the depths of his illness led him to discover a deeper relationship with God. Public and private prayers for Mark and his family came from tens of thousands of sympathetic fans across the Southeast (Mark is a popular local television personality). Mark?s physical and spiritual fight against Hepatitis C taught him patience and, more importantly, faithin the face of overwhelming adversity. Presently, Mark is free of the disease, his body leansed by a painful assortment of medicines and his soul healed by the cleansing power of prayer. Mark?s story offers inspiration to...