Обложка книги Soap Opera from the Wrong Side of Town

Soap Opera from the Wrong Side of Town

ISBN: 1413798640;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 133

Book Description This is a short little book of poetry, prose, observation, and short life stories. I call it Soap Opera from the Wrong Side of Town. Many of the prose/short stories are both fact and fiction. These little tidbits of life are told from the perspective of a woman on the threshold of a new life. She thinks her life is like a bad soap opera-it only lacks the designer clothes, handsome men, limos, and oodles of money. Middle aged and divorced, she has to re-invent herself and find her way in the world alone. She is trying her hardest, but things have drastically changed in the world since she was a single person. She must learn new lessons and, once again, the hard way. It is at times hard, often heartbreaking, most times funny, but most of all she wouldn't trade it or change it for all the tea in China.