Обложка книги The Farmhouse of Nonna Fiora

The Farmhouse of Nonna Fiora

ISBN: 1413746616;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 223

Book Description The Farmhouse of Nonna Fiora tells the story of resurrecting the old house of the author's mother-in-law in northern Italy and what seemed a hopeless task. As the work progresses so are brought forth memories, those linked to the house of a hundred years and hers, an American, who made her home in Rome with her new Italian husband during the fifties. It brings to life a region, Romagna, where the house is located, a region half mountains and half fertile plains, a contribution toward its deeply varied past. It is a region with its ways, its own identity, its habits and contradictions. And its secrets. Woven into the story is the history of a miracle that took place during the Second World War-"Traces I was bent on following at first from curiosity but became a quest for a lost faith."