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Robert M. Goldstein

The Gentleman From Finland: Adventures On The Trans-siberian Express

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ISBN: 0976328801
Издательство: Rivendell Pub Nw
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 230
Book DescriptionTwo days aboard what he believes is the Trans-Siberian Express, the author discovers he?s on the wrong train. It is 1987, and he is traveling in the Soviet Union, holding a train ticket that mistakenly identifies him as a Finn. In fact, he is a short, dark-skinned Mexican-American-Russian-Jew, who speaks only enough Russian to proclaim that he is Bob, the tourist from America. As the trip unfolds, what begins as the fulfillment of a childhood dream becomes a journey with a castof characters worthy of a Russian novel. A grim old woman takes his only pair of shoes. Smugglers stash contraband booze under his bunk, then ply him with alcohol and delicacies. A beautiful Russian woman rescues the author from disaster in one city, only to mysteriously reappear in another, fueling his growing paranoia that she is a KGB agent. Throughout the story, Goldstein interjects historical anecdotes, as well as his own family?s past in czarist Russia. The Gentleman...