Обложка книги The Other Casualty Of War

The Other Casualty Of War

ISBN: 1413754066;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 70

Book Description As a young teenager, Paul thought school was a waste of time. He quit school to find out what the world had in store for him. After many odd jobs he decided to take control of his destiny and join the Army. He takes you through the emotions of boot camp, the orders to go to Vietnam, and the loneliness of being thousands of miles away from his friends and family. He also recalls the fear, the noise, and the death that surrounded him during his two tours. When his tour was over he thought that he would resume a normal life. Now, thirty-plus years later, he realizes that the war never ended for him. He continues to fight and dream every day and night. He hopes to reach out to those that served and remind them, those who have never seen war, that freedom is not free.

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