Обложка книги Three Colors of My Life

Three Colors of My Life

ISBN: 0595328806;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 396

Book DescriptionAn incredible, true story of a Holocaust survivor. When your world collapses around you, when your family is exterminated and your life is worth less than a dog?s life, what do you do to survive? Young, David Tenenbaum chooses an unusual path to survival Equipped with the false Arian identity papers, he goes where only non-Jews would risk going at the time?he volunteers for work in Germany, in their Arbeit camps. What does he need to do to survive? How closeis far enough from death? From Nazi Germany we are taken to the communist post-war Poland where we gain insight to the operations of the communist regime. Three Colors of My Life is a fascinating story of personal experience set onthe background of the largest state organized mass ethnic cleansing in history.