Обложка книги Thugs Ain't No Fun at All

Thugs Ain't No Fun at All

ISBN: 0972697829;
Издательство: Jazoli Pub
Страниц: 285

Book Description THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL TO "THUGS ARE FOR FUN" by J.Gail. Jacy is getting older. Now at 24, she is starting to re-evaluate her choices in men. She has been dating Popi, a man whose last name she doesn?t even know, for nearly half a year. She struggles to break from from this irrational, potentially violent thug, because she knows deep in her heart he ain?t no good, and definitely no fun. But he?s not trying to hear it. He shows up to her apartment unannounced, stresses her out and shows disrespect to the point where Jacy starts to fear for her safety. The unthinkable happens to Jacy in this chaotic relationship. It?s starting to look like she has gotten herself involved with the wrong thug. He?s nothing like Rich Wilkins, her last thug, who maintained a certain level of integrity and respect in his short lived relationship with Jacy. Right now, Rich?s anger problem is looking like a breezy Sunday afternoon compared to the...