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ISBN: 0975463993;
Издательство: Ctr
Страниц: 480

Book DescriptionUNWANTED! IS THE BIOGRAPHY OF ESTHER MARY LYONS. She lived through a time when many changes were taking place in the world. Many discoveries were being made which have helped shape the present into a better world. Besides describing the culture and of a time which can never come back, she describes her own pain and frustrations as she grew up as an illegitimate daughter of an American Jesuit priest, deserted and abandoned in India at the age of four. Her story takes readers to the past?through the history of India, the United States, and Australia?and then brings them back to the present when all things have changed. It also covers Irish migration to the United States in 1850s during the Potato Famine, French migration in the1700s to Canada, and the establishment of Detroit City. In addition, Lyons describes incidents surrounding the creation of the atom bomb in the 1940s. The book also describes the involvement of Catholic priests in politics during...