Обложка книги Wrong Guy

Wrong Guy

ISBN: 1878086995;
Издательство: Down Home Press
Страниц: 291

Book DescriptionLawyer Cook isn't living the life he had in mind. He's back in Holly Hill, the Georgia hometown he thought he'd left behind, living in a rundown mobile home. His wife has abandoned him, and he's been laid off as an arson investigator. Still he gets a call on a cold January night. A black church has burned and a body has been found inside. Arson it is, and a suspect quickly surfaces. A white loner fired from his job in a dispute over a Confederate flag decal had been making veiled threats.But this is not Cook's case alone. A federal agent arrives, sent to make clear that a resurgence of old-style Southern hatred will not be tolerated. National reporters descend on Holly Hill, including one who doesn't worry about facts getting in the way of a good story. To complicate matters, the dead man's sister-in-law believes Cook is pursuing the wrong guy. Fast-paced and suspenseful, Wrong Guy is a vivid portrait of the complexity of the modern South and a chilling...