Обложка книги Aegean Escape

Aegean Escape

ISBN: 1589393120;
Издательство: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing
Страниц: 136

Book DescriptionIt was the trip of a lifetime: we'd sail the Aegean on a 44-foot cutter, visiting turquoise Turkish coves and serene Greek islands that have escaped tourist hordes. But when terrorists struck at our homeland just three weeks before our departure, traveling halfway around the world; and closer to the impending war; seemed foolish to some. Could a group of Americans still enjoy a holiday at the edge of the Muslim world? Should we? Aegean Escape follows the voyage of four Californians aboardthe T.G. Ellyson as it sails from the Greek island of Kos along the Turkish coast to Rhodes. What they found was a blessed respite from the anxiety gripping the U.S. As sun and waves leached the fear from their American consciousness, a welcome Aegean peace took root. From Turkey's Kalaboshi Cove and Loryma Bay, to the quiet Greek harbors of Tilos and Halki, the local people taught these foreigners a lesson in the essential human spirit: beneath it all, we are one.