Обложка книги Gone with the Wine: Retirement Adventures in France

Gone with the Wine: Retirement Adventures in France

ISBN: 0595289118;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 216

Book DescriptionIn charming and whimsical detail, Rosanne Knorr shares the delights of life in France's Loire Valley where the climate is mild, the people are hospitable, and the wine is so plentiful it's pumped from vats like a service station for winos. She and her husband, John, with their pate-loving dog, Folly, rejuvenate themselves by trading long work hours, traffic jams, and fast food for art, biking, and goat's cheese direct from the supplier. They garble French but figure out how to earnthe best baguettes. Gone with the Wine is not just a delightful story of their life, it also provides fascinating and fresh insights on everyday life, history, and the people of the earthly paradise called the 'Garden of France.' Joyful reading for real-life voyagers and armchair travelers alike!