Обложка книги Journey into Freedom

Journey into Freedom

ISBN: 0755200705;
Издательство: Authors Online
Страниц: 120

Book DescriptionAn authentic war-time story of the years 1939-1947 which finds the author in France at the outbreak of war. First interned as an 'Enemy Alien', then taken prisoner by the Germans after the invasion, he resolves to reach England, which takes him another three years. Conscripted into the Vichy Army he manages to escape after two and a half years, goes into hiding before crossing the Pyrenees, when the Germans had occupied the whole of France. Interned in Spain, he joins the American Quakers in Madrid on relief work, after they obtained his release from the 'Miranda' internment camp. On the last leg of his journey into freedom, arranged by the British Embassy, he leaves for Britain by convoy from Gibraltar to join HM Forces in 1943. Assigned to the Intelligence Corps, his story continues until his demobilisation in 1947.