Обложка книги Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A

Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A


ISBN: 1571973419;
Издательство: Pentland Press (NC)
Страниц: 375

Book Description"My life story is not simple. It is the story of the two lives I have lived in one lifetime. The first third of my lifetime was spent in China and the last two-thirds have been spent in the United States. China is one of the oldest countries in the world with more than five thousand years of history. The United States is a new nation with the Declaration of Independence drafted only 226 years ago. Just as these two histories are vastly different, so were the cultures and lives I lived within the two countries." (Excerpt from "Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A.") An inspiring and true story of one man?s journey from a bleak childhood in China to the competitive United States, "Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A." examines how one man?s loyalty to two countries and individual perseverance offered a wealth of opportunities, not only for himself, but for his children as well. Stephen Shao was born in the small town of Zarkow, China,...

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