Обложка книги Random Ramblings in India

Random Ramblings in India

ISBN: 0766175383;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 152

Book Description1928. This work contains letters written to the Purina family. In his ramblings, Mr. Danforth made some surprising discoveries. For instance, he knew nothing of the hundreds of native states in India. He discovered the overwhelming hospitality of the native Indian - princes, officials and private citizens. Then he discovered India itself, so tremendously more fascinating at close range than he had anticipated - India with its seething masses, its searching philosophy, its amazing colors and contrasts, its magnificent distances, its head in the snow and feet on the equator. Contents: Across the first three oceans; Mediterranean Spirits; Into the Orient; Pen pictures; First Glimpse of an Indian Prince; Khyber Pass; Kashmir; Highest mountainpeaks in the world; Holy City of the Hindus; I meet Gandhi.