Обложка книги Roots and Wings: Adventures of a Spirit on Earth

Roots and Wings: Adventures of a Spirit on Earth

ISBN: 0973100745;
Издательство: Iconoclast Press
Страниц: 172

Book DescriptionA rapturous saga, relating the author's unique experiences while out and about in "this crazy, beautiful, impossible world", as he describes it. Following dreams, synchronicities, and inner guidance, Jack Haas journeys around the globe, encountering incredible individuals and unexpected experiences. His travels encompass a wide variety of places, such as India, Iceland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Nepal, Europe, and Israel. This book, however, is much more than a travelogue. It is a testament toone man's determination to find meaning and wholeness amidst the confusion and mystery of life. This is an inspiring book about the importance of individuality, and the need to following one's own path at all costs. As much as this autobiography is an outer adventure, it is also an inner odyssey, and is a profound account of the author?¦s acceptance, love, and alchemical union with the spirit and the earth itself. This is a true story about the necessity to belong both to...

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