Обложка книги Sticks & Wires & Cloth

Sticks & Wires & Cloth

ISBN: 0972001514;
Издательство: Trailing Edge Publishing
Страниц: 309

Download DescriptionSticks & Wires & Cloth is about escaping into the skies of a bygone era in a 1929-design biplane, an episodic log of the author's five years traveling around Texas and most of the rest of the United States. Anne Hopkins brings a fresh voice to writing about life in the skies, demystifying biplane flying much as Katherine Graham did newspaper publishing in her memoir. Firmly and patiently, Anne takes her reader by the hand, helps him into the front cockpit, and keeps him there through fair weather and foul, sharing moments of joy and terror. Her story is full of the details of coping with an old cramped aircraft, yet in the end she has left us savoring its magic and wonder. This is a book for everyone who ever thought about flying. It will remind pilots of all the good reasons they fly. It will propel those who have only dreamed of flying along the path toward that first flight. Those who know pilots will understand why to them flying is like breathing, an...