Обложка книги Lunch is on Your Own : The Senior Trip

Lunch is on Your Own : The Senior Trip

ISBN: 1413723195;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 71

Book Description?How was your vacation?? ?Oh, a trip to Canada. That sounds like fun. Did you have a nice time???We?ve never been on a ?Senior Tour? before. How was it??These are all well-intentioned questions that should have been easily answered. But our vacation was the wonderful trip from hell. We traveled with good people under less than normal circumstances. We went to outstanding places but we were always late. One of the deluxe motor coaches suffered a blow-out on a dark road late at night in the rain. We were taken to an all-night McDonald?s to await the outcome of the disabled bus. We saw cathedrals, basilicas, casinos and castles. We dined in splendor at five-star restaurants and stood in linefor take-out at overcrowded eateries. So how was our vacation? As I told my sister when she asked, ?Read my book.? She thought I was kidding but it was the only way I could answer simple questions.