Обложка книги Tales from the Seven Seas : Karen Morris Collection

Tales from the Seven Seas : Karen Morris Collection

ISBN: 1413716563;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 60

Book DescriptionFrom a young age, Karen Morris developed an insatiable desire to explore life throughout the United States. On her eighteenth birthday, she left her family and, for twenty years, she traveled extensively. Soon enough, Karen was able to attach a heart to the literature she read about. She learned that how people felt about life was vastly different from how it was described in books ? people had to adapt to society?s laws, not just to the government?s. There were things people did to survive that the books never tell about, and never will. Society could change from a natural physical phenomenon, as well ? such as an earthquake ? yet, any change of life could change the course of history forever. For this reason, Karen believes that her subject matter is as timeless an entity as how history portrays itself today ? ?Life is too interesting to simply ignore the little things.?