Обложка книги Way Beyond the Blue

Way Beyond the Blue


ISBN: 1413717675;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 385

Book DescriptionWay Beyond The Blue is about flying. It begins with the eleven-year-old author shaking hands with one of the Wright brothers and continues by means of a series of short stories about his adventures as a cadet at West Point and then on as?Blackjack Two Five.? You will ride in the cockpit through Undergraduate Pilot Training, share the thrill of the first solo, and wonder how in the world he made it through UPT alive. Five years in the back seat of a B-47 followed pilot training. There were hundreds of exhausting flights; a few of which brought him eyeball to eyeball with the grim reaper. Listen with him to the last words of a fellow pilot. Spend a year with him in Southeast Asia flying over the jungles of Thailand and the mountains of Laos and, experience a few of the hazards that almost ended it all.

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