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John Slaughter

Brother in the Bush : An African American's Search for Self in East Africa

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ISBN: 1932841083
Издательство: Agate
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 135
Book Description Brother in the Bush is a coming-of-awareness memoir about what the experience of Africa can mean for a twenty-first-century African American. John Slaughter is a successful stockbroker in his thirties who decides to travel to Africa to broaden his horizons. He's "made it" as a black man in America, but his life is full of constant reminders of how violently fragile existence here really is. Not long after his Baltimore townhouse is invaded one night-and Slaughter confronts, shoots and kills the intruder with his shotgun-he embarks on a series of trips that unfolds over almost a decade. Along the way, he discovers a way of life that transforms and deepens his identity as an African American. Slaughter finds himself seduced and humbled by the contrasting realities, beauties and dangers he discovers in eastern Africa. He begins to ask questions, out loud, about his life, his relationships and his place here in twenty-first-century North America,...