Обложка книги Once a Fool -- From Tokyo to Alaska by Amphibious Jeep

Once a Fool -- From Tokyo to Alaska by Amphibious Jeep

ISBN: 0914778048;
Издательство: DBA Phoenix Books / Publishers
Страниц: 168

In the spring of 1957 Tokyo-based American journalist Boye Lafayette De Mente joined Australian adventurer Ben Carlin on an amphibious jeep called HALF-SAFE (named after a deodorant slogan, "Don't Be Half-Safe!") on a journey from Japan to Anchorage, Alaska via the North Pacific, the Bering Sea and Shelikof Strait--an incredible adventure that made news worldwide and the Guinness Book of World Records." ONCE A FOOL is De Mente's account of the remarkable 3-month long journey that began and ended with one mishap and emergency after the other; combined with an explosive relationship between the two men in and on the tiny jeep. In addition to each other, the two encountered Russians,a frozen propeller, Japanese fishing nets, engine problems, a tidal wave, refueling at sea, frigid water, giant kelp fields, and rough seas that bounced them around in the jeep "like rocks in a tin can." The book has become a classic among jeep fans and small-boat sailors around the world.