Обложка книги Soleri : Architecture, or Human Ecology

Soleri : Architecture, or Human Ecology

ISBN: 1580931030;
Издательство: Monacelli
Страниц: 407

Book DescriptionAs much visionary as architect, Paolo Soleri, born in Turin in 1919, worked with Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940s and went on to develop his own organically expressive architecture. Since 1935, he has been involved almost exclusively with the design of alternative urban planning models. By 1970 he had designed thirty "Arcologies," his term for a series of high-density, fantastically unreal megastructures for up to six million inhabitants. This comprehensive monograph, the first on Soleri to be published in the United States, follows his career through a presentation of drawings, sketches, and built work. Since settling in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1956, Soleri has made a lifelong commitment to research and experimentation in urban planning, establising the Cosanti Foundation.