Обложка книги Thomas Crotty: A Solitude of Space

Thomas Crotty: A Solitude of Space

ISBN: 0892726288;
Издательство: Down East Books
Страниц: 120

Book DescriptionThis first-ever biography of Thomas Crotty weaves insightful commentary on his painting with the story of his life as a painter and an outspoken commentator in his own right on modern theories of art. Often described as a romantic-realist, Crotty is more comfortable with the word naturalist when an attempt is made to categorize him. In the early '50s, he sailed down the coast of Maine from Boston and knew that was where he wanted to be and what he wanted to paint. In the early '60s, Crotty met Andrew Wyeth who, he feels, kept American realism alive and vigorous during the '50s and '60s. He found Wyeth kind and encouraging. But the artist feels that other influences were just as important -- artists like John Frederick Kensett, Franz Kline, Richard Diebenkorn, and John Laurent. Also evident is Crotty's love of the sea, especially on the coast of Maine, as well as his admiration for the poetry of Walt Whitman. Much of Crotty's inspiration for his images comes...