Обложка книги Charles M. Russell: The Storyteller's Art

Charles M. Russell: The Storyteller's Art

ISBN: 0826332846;
Издательство: University of New Mexico Press
Страниц: 347

Book DescriptionWell known for his sketches, paintings, and sculptures of the Old West, Charles M. Russell (1864?1926) was also an accomplished author in the humorous genre known as "local color." Raphael Cristy sorts Russell?s writings into four general categories: serious Indian stories, men encountering wildlife, cattle range characters, and nineteenth-century westerners facing twentieth-century challenges. Russell?s art is often misinterpreted as mere longing for a fading open-range west, but his writings tell a different story. Cristy shows how Russell amused his peers with stories that also delivered sharp observations of Euro-American suppression of Indians and humorous treatment of wilderness and range issues plus the emergenceof women and urbanization as bewildering agents of change in the modern West.