Обложка книги Christopher Wood: St. Ives Artists

Christopher Wood: St. Ives Artists

ISBN: 1854374664;
Издательство: Tate
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionThe achievement of Christopher Wood (1901-1930) has often been overshadowed by the legend that grew up around his bohemian lifestyle and his dramatic suicide at the age of 29. Increasingly, however, critics have come to see his work as having a pivotal role in the development of modernism in Britain. Pursuing a path between the naturalism of the 1920s and the abstraction of the 1930s, he won the admiration of such modernist giants as Picasso and Cocteau and secured his status as among themost important painters of his generation. The author explores Wood's life and career in detail and examines the growth of a glamorous narrative of tragic genius that developed during the decades following his death. The integrity of Wood's endeavor, the combination of self-confidence and uncertainty, gives his paintings a human quality that continues to be admired today.